Tell me and I will Forget,


Show me and I will Remember,


Involve me and I will Understand !

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Performing live physics demonstrations in an entertaining fashion to help students' understanding of abstract concepts.

Demonstrating that physics is exciting and relevant, and not just equations on a blackboard, to encourage more students to continue with physics.

Promoting interest in physics to primary and high school aged students. This includes performing shows for visiting school groups, events such as the  Physics Olympiad and the Engineering Links camp, and visiting schools to shows for groups of students and teachers

Working with primary and high school science departments to visit schools and present demonstrations based on course material that would otherwise be unavailable to the students.

Making physics accessible to the wider community, showing that physicists are performing relevant and interesting research and communicating that physics isn't quite as mystifying as it might seem.

Provide an opportunity for students excited about physics to join the Demo Troupe and socialise and work with other like-minded students. This will help to enhance the experience of physics students, and encourage them to continue with physics.

The Physics Demo Troupe is supervised by Professor Mineesh Gulati. The majority of performers are school students, who have been trained on these demonstrations. Risk Assessment evaluations have been completed for all demonstrations, and these are read and understood by all performers before commencing their training on a particular demonstration.

The performers of the show are all volunteers, and receive no direct remuneration. All monies from the shows are to be deposited with the Department of Physics, and used by the Demo Troupe as deemed necessary by the supervisor (e.g., new equipment, consumables, etc.).