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Fun in Physics or Physics is Phun!






Ever since a child is born he begins to interact with nature, his first and best teacher. Albert Einstein has said that " A child by the age of 5 years has learnt 50% of the Physics there is to be learnt"  Here are some fun stuff .

Just enjoy!

Description Run   Description Run
Fullerence Bucky Ball structure Run   DNA Run
Beach Comber-Game Run   Eclipse Run
A hunt for Bin Laden Run   Fractional Distillation Run
Bush Nose - running after money Run   Georgian Free Fall Run
Danny Quiz Run   Hair so funny Run
Lie-Detector Run   Pythgorous Run
Relativity Run   Science quiz Run
Seasons Run   Snowman Run
Tele-porting - 'Narayan' - The future of Transportation Run   Twin Paradox : Relativity Run