Benjamin Franklin's discovery of charge started the journey of Electromagnetism. Hans Christian Oersted in 1820 created the marriage between Electricity and Magnetism. Maxwell completed the picture along with a number of contributors. All our modern gadgets work on electricity, including this computer! Let us learn by seeing some aspects of Electricity






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Copper Plating    What happens when a positive rod is earthed?
Wires carrying current in the same direction attract each other   Current division in parallel Resistances
Transformer   Resistor in A.C Circuit
Working of a Bulb......   Series and parallel circuits
Capacitor in A.C Circuit   Circuit Activity
Current Division Activity   Edison Effect
Electric Fields around an Oscillating Charge   Electrocution
Mutual Induction   Inductor in an A.C Circuit
Ohms Law   Effective resistance in Parallel
RC Circuit   Rectifier
Colour code of Resistance   Resonance Circuit
Comparison of A.C and D.C   What is Electric Potential?